Tuesday, November 23, 2021

2021 Holiday Gift Guide - Golf Gear That All Golfers Will Love!


Looking for a golf gift for the golfer on your Holiday list?

Golfers can be picky. Worry not: Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a long-time player, we’ve sifted through hundreds of products to find our favorites. Here are the best gifts for golfers for 2021:


Meet the first Nikon COOLSHOT rangefinder with a built-in mounting magnet so it's ready when you need it and out of the way when you don't. Packed inside this smart, ergonomic design is Nikon's outstanding rangefinder technology—slope-adjustment, DUAL LOCKED ON QUAKE for flagstick confirmation, superior optics, continuous measurement and more.

Regular Price: $329.99
Our Price: $199.99

The SC300i is the latest edition to Swing Caddie's family of portable launch monitors. The SC300i is portable and provides golfers with complete swing and ball flight metrics found on professional launch monitors, including launch angle, apex, and spin. Using the latest Doppler radar technology, the SC300i provides extreme precision. The SC300i connects directly to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth allowing golfers to track their data in real-time. It measures Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height), and Ball Speed.

Regular Price: $549.99
Our Price: $489.99

3.  Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

Built for the majority of golfers who play game improvement equipment, the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge provides tour-level spin and control for players looking to upgrade their short game. Get spin, control, and all the forgiveness you need with the new Cleveland CBX 2.

Regular Price: $139.99
Our Price: $109.99

Golfers have to have their balls! This is the first golf ball to feature an unpainted urethane cover that delivers a lower flight trajectory, and ”grabs” the wedge surface for enhanced greenside spin. The unpainted cover also creates a perfectly even surface true balance and a straighter ball flight.

Regular Price: $139.99
Our Price: $131.99

Epic MAX creates exceptionally high forgiveness with an outstanding combination of a deep CG, draw bias and high MOI for tighter downrange dispersion that leads to straighter drives. With a 17g sliding rear weight and the OptiFit hosel, the Epic MAX provides up to 20 yards of shot shape correction.

The Callaway Epic MAX Driver is built on the simple, yet profound equation that A.I. + Jailbreak + Callaway's new Speed Frame = more distance. With the MAX, Callaway engineered all of that speed into their most forgiving Epic ever. The MAX delivers an exceptional combination of a deep center or gravity, draw bias and higher MOI for a tighter dispersion and straighter drives.

Regular Price: $549.99
Our Price: $529.99

Take your clubs for a spin with the new Bag Boy Revolver XP, the next generation of the legendary Bag Boy Revolver, featuring a 360 rotating top with Clip-Lok Technology and a Grip-Lok base.

Regular Price: $329.99
Our Price: 299.99

Offering storage for shoes, balls, tees, books, shirts, towels and other golf accessories, this organizer has a business card/I.D. holder and mesh panel for quick-drying airflow. Store your golf accessories in one convenient place Holds shirts, towels and other golf accessories Mesh panel allows airflow for quick drying.

Regular Price: $59.99
Our Price: $38.99

Don't let the crappy weather ruin your golf game. The VariSpeed Putting System makes practice fun! The VariSpeed mat offers course-like conditions with the ability to customize putting speed and add realistic breaks. The special mat fibers allow you to see the exact path of each putt with visible ball traces. The included booklet illustrates useful training exercises and fun games to keep you going for hours. You are only limited by your imagination!

Regular Price: $120.99
Our Price: $95.99

For the golfer that has everything!  MARQ Golfer represents your passion for the game. It’s the only modern tool watch with smart features, more than 41,000 preloaded golf courses and the most advanced game-tracking data ever. 

INSPIRED, BY DESIGN - Let others know you live for the game with this luxury smartwatch that delivers a domed sapphire lens, always-on display and 18 custom-etched hole markings right on the bezel. ENDURING MATERIALS - Find your edge with a design made for the course, including a 46 mm ceramic bezel, tritone green jacquard-weave nylon strap and flush-mounted hardware that never gets in the way of play.

Regular Price: $1,950.99
Our Price: $1,824.99

When it comes to making animal headcovers there is no one better than Daphne’s Animal Headcovers. They focus solely on creating realistic looking, quality headcovers of all Mother Natures critters. Whether you are a dog or cat lover, have fondness for barnyard animals, enjoy the creatures of the sea, or just want to deck out your golf bag with a variety of fuzzy friends…Daphne’s has the perfect headcover for you!

Regular Price: $34.99
Our Price: $31.99

11.  Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer is the ultimate golf swing trainer and fitness tool for today's golfer and athlete. It is versatile, dynamic and the most effective swing aid on the market. Consistent use of the Orange Whip will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. 

The elegant design combines a counter-weighting system and flexible shaft that work together to promote the natural golf swing motion unique to each individual. The Orange Whip will help you find your ideal swing plane, create "tour pro" lag, achieve perfect sequence of motion and promote balance that's supported from the ground up. Your strength, flexibility, and swing speed will increase, and your shot-making will become more accurate and consistent.

Regular Price: $109.99
Our Price: $99.99

12. Taylormade SIM Max Iron Sets - Steel 2020

How many distance irons can say they have their own sound engineer? With an improved Speed Bridge and ECHO Damping System for better sound and forged-like feel, we went further than we thought possible to bring you a distance iron that feels better than anyone thought possible.

Regular Price: $799.99
Our Price: $689.99

The SX550 is the premium GPS handheld providing the very “best view” in golf with vivid course graphics and distances you can trust. It comes preloaded with more than 35,000 course maps from around the world.

The powerful features of the SkyCaddie® SX550 are easily tapped with a 5.5", intuitive touch screen and a host of automated features such as Auto-Course Selection, Auto-Hole Advance and Auto-Zoom, making it basically "touch-free" from the parking lot to the 19th hole. The large HD display combined with HD quality course graphics, only available from SkyCaddie, provide the best view of the most-reliable information in the game to allow you to play your best golf.

Regular Price: $399.99
Our Price: $349.99

14. Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls (3 Dozen Deal)

Take advantage of this limited-time Father's Day promotion on Srixon Balls where you buy 2 dozen balls and get 1 dozen free. 

Regular Price: $129.99
Our Price: $115.99

There’s a reason FootJoy has become a go-to brand in the world of golf. A “laser plus fit” gives you a full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel, meaning you won’t have to worry about aching feet or blisters after 18 (or 36) holes.

Regular Price: $199.99
Our Price: $159.99

The Cobra KING 3D Printed Series Putters mark the culmination of a successful partnership with HP that resulted in the first major line of commercial 3D printed putters in the industry. 

The entire lineup features a multi-material construction comprised of a 3D printed nylon lattice insert, steel frame, lightweight aluminum cap and tungsten weighting, all of which works in unison to create extremely high MOI shapes that produce the straightest, truest rolls.

Regular Price: $379.99
Our Price: $349.99

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