Monday, September 17, 2012

We finally Took The TaylorMade RocketBallz 17 Yard Challenge - Did you?

If there were any more noticable hype encompassing the 2012 launch of TaylorMade's RocketBallz series of fairway woods, we all would have to hire spin doctors to decipher the facts. The hype that launched the RocketBallz (RBZ) line in February 2012 was this: If you put an RBZ 3-wood in your bag you'd achieve 17 yards more than your past fairway wood. For this reason, their marketing campaign showcasing shocked PGA Tour players demoing the club and then turning up to tournaments with the number "17" imprinted on their hats.

Aside from a outstanding marketing campaign, the various shaft and clubhead offerings and the eye catching white club head, the primary difference between the past line of Burner 2.0 SuperFast woods and the RBZ fairways is the "velocity slot" oh no sorry that was Adams Golf description - TaylorMade calls it the "Speed Pocket" - at the bottom of the club. And that is a game changer. The slot in the sole of the club head makes the clubface springier and increases ball speed, which is what you're looking to obtain additional distance.

Taking The Test

So what are the components that factor into distance? In basic terms, it's quality of contact, ball speed, spin rate, and the intangible of feel. One thing I did just noticed in small print from TaylorMade, however, with the RocketBallz fairway distance claims is that better players with speedier swing speeds should see the biggest distance increases.

So with that in mind, I made the decision to see if an additional 17 yards was in the cards for me. I took my current 2007 Bridgestone J33 fairway 3-wood and put a similarly shafted and lofted RBZ to the test. After warming up, using a Trackman launch monitor on a windless day, my 10.4 USGA Index was able to gain about 6 more miles per hour of ball speed out of the RocketBallz fairway. Ball speed generally converts to 2 yards per mile per hour gained. But, not only had the technology in my '07 Bridgestone gotten older, so had I. So gaining 13 total carry yards is a very acceptable success. What I also noticed was that the RBZ was much easier to hit. Possibly a little heavier head feel, which might be due in part to a lighter-weight shaft (only 45 grams). The sound was solid, as was the feel. Off-center hits were not penalized and their was less shot dispersion.

So I did not get the 17 more yards as TaylorMade promised but I also don't swing like a PGA Tour Pro. I can imagine that if I had a faster swing speed the increase in distance would be greater. But I will take 13 yards any day all day. It could be the difference between going for that par 5 in twoor laying up.

There are a number of various models and loft choices for the RocketBallz fairway woods. The standard RBZ fairway features a slight draw bias, and shallower club face and a light Matrx Xcon 5 Shaft. The Tour RBZ Fairway model of the RBZ features a marginally deeper face, neutral flight bias and a .335 size tip as well as heavier stock shaft. The "Tour Preferred" (TP) RBZ fairway wood model uses the same club heads but adds an upgraded tour level shaft

In a lot of cases the hype for a club exceeds the performance but in the case of the RBZ woods the hype and performance are equal. On top of that a club that is forgiving, high launching and offers lower spin is a club that is most likely to end up in a lot of golf bags. No wonder it is the top selling fairway wood in our store for 2012.

If you've waited this long to try the RocketBallz challenge you're in luck. TaylorMade has just reduced the price of the RBZ drivers and irons and will soon drop the prices on the fairways and hybrids. You can check out the RocketBallz and all the other TaylorMade discount golf clubs at Great Golf


  1. Took the test and afterwards bought the fairway wood, driver and hybrids. I may just trade in my irons now for the RBZ iron set. Needless to say but I am sold on these.

    1. let us know if you want to trade in your irons for a RBZ set. We can get you a good price for you trade-in and a deal on the RBZ set.

  2. I haven't taken the test but after reading this post and finding out how amazing this RBZ set is. What a great way to start off the new week and wow what a beautiful piece of artwork these irons are.

  3. Based off you guys taking the test and the others as well I would be stupid not to take it. I'm always looking to improve my game and if the Taylormade's can do it then I would be stupid not to take it.

  4. This sounds like a challenge that I would enjoy. I've always been a big fan of Taylormade and have had my fair share of their products over the years. It's quality and it's just equipment. I'm also looking to update my irons.